Regional Conference about safe and profitable investing in energy
About the Conference
10. Regional Conference about safe and profitable investing in energy
20. March 2013.
Sava Center, Belgrade

Energy is a top priority issue in the current global economic turmoil and is expected to secure fundament for sustainable future. To provide safe and stable energy supply, thus to enable safe and steady investment in energy sector that will ensure economic stability, growth and competitiveness on the global market, is a must for Serbia and for the countries from the region.

The energy balance could be stabilized with more efficient energy consumption as well as more efficient energy production. It is of a strategic magnitude to identify as much of its own resources.

The 10th Regional Conference about safe and profitable investing in energy in Serbia and Region “Balkan – The New European Energy Source” will focus on investors and recipients accenting the environment for secure investments aiming to highlight the bankability of Energy projects for private sector investors, including expert scrutiny of risks and challenges from a range of international professionals, utilizing real life case studies of successful and stalled projects, as well as offering a review of upcoming projects in Gas and Electricity Infrastructure, Wind, Solar, Hydro, Biomass and Alternative Sources.

The reconstruction of present energy facilities, improvement of legal issues on local and regional level, energy security, allocation of public and private financial resources are some of the topics that will be discussed at the Conference. Special accent will be on the general state of market trends in the Balkans regarding the project relevant to renewable energy sources and energy efficiency.

The Conference’s participants will be top level representatives from EU institutions, Russia, Turkey, China, Balkan countries ministers and state secretaries, presidents of Chambers of Commerce, including decision makers from leading companies in energy, IT and financial sector, as well as the most influential regional media.

They will actively participate in Conference by offering practical expertise followed with suggestions and proposals for realistic improvement and progress on various issues, enticing new business opportunities that would guide the investments to attractive and much needed projects.

  • Analyses of general state of market trends
  • Regional energy market
  • Legal framework and improvements on local and regional level
  • Creating sustainable energy efficiency future and the impact of Third EU Energy Package
  • Building new and reconstruction of present energy plants
  • The role of energy efficiency in the Region
  • Challenges and difficulties at creating integral distribution and electronic grid, the future models in optimization and grid management
  • The future in gas and connecting infrastructure
  • Allocation of public and private financial resources
  • Potential sources for financing, investments, concession relationships
  • Mobilizing private sector in financing and risk conception
  • Renewable energy sources: project in biomass, biogas, wind, hydro and solar plants

We are inviting you to join us at 10th Regional Conference about safe and profitable investing in energy “BALKAN – THE NEW EUROPEAN ENERGY SOURCE” in an effort generate concrete conclusions and to encourage operational activities in natural resources mobilization aiming to increase the energy efficiency sector.