3rd Business Conference BEES 2015
“Development of Energy Efficiency Market
through New Models of Financing”
3rd Business Conference BEES 2015
“Development of Energy Efficiency Market through New Models of Financing”
15th December 2015. - Sava Congress Center, Belgrade

The 3rd all-day Business Conference “Development of Energy Efficiency Market through New Models of Financing” - BEES 2015 will take place under the auspices of Ministry of Mining and Energy of Republic of Serbia in Sava Congress Center, Belgrade, on 15th December 2015.

The purpose of BEES 2015 is to support the improvement of energy efficiency in Serbia with the goal of speedy realization of EE and RES projects by directly connecting potential business partners and to provide:
  • The Companies with a quick and easy way to review the prepared projects of local governments in Serbia in the field of sustainable energy and/or renewable energy used in the public domain, and to propose their business solutions.
  • The Municipalities to present EE and RES projects developed in cooperation with Public Enterprises (Plant, lighting, housing ...) which require funding from interested private partners through innovative financing models such as ESCO project financing through Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) and Contractual energy supply (ESC).
  • The Financial institutions to propose sustainable funding models for the implementation of projects and to present current circumstances for contracting on the Serbian market.

The emphasis of 3rd Business Conference BEES 2015 will be placed on B2B projects exchange of local governments, companies and financial institutions, and considering the presence of a large number of decision makers, companies’ owners and directors, the heads of local governments and their public enterprises, the business deals will be so much easier and direct and the realization more certain and efficient.

BEES 2015 was designed as a synergy of several units that will provide the best environment for the participants to share their knowledge, experience and employ their resources into more effective articulation of mutual interest. In the plenary session of the conference, the eminent speakers, owing to expertise and market experience, will provide an overview on current topics:
  • ESCO financing of energy efficiency (EE) through Public-Private Partnership (PPP)
  • Experience in the implementation of ESCO projects through PPP model; Risks in the implementation of ESCO projects; Regional experiences and examples of best practices
  • Energy efficiency and reduction of final energy consumption through the rehabilitation of energy resources, distribution networks, public and residential buildings and the reconstruction of Public and Street lighting...
  • Smart distribution network / smart meters (Smart Grids / Smart Metering - Demand Side Management)
  • Business models for the realization of EE & RES projects in Municipalities
  • Sustainable models for reducing working costs in Heating Plants in Serbia
  • Renewable energy in Serbia: Energy of Water, Sun, Wind - efficiency and sustainability
  • Gas supply and CHP as an environmentally friendly alternative in the production and use of energy
  • Potential of circular economy in Serbia - Responsible waste management in the utilities sector - PPP models

3rd Business Conference BEES 2015 will bring together more than 500 participants including representatives of international financial institutions, decision-makers from ESCO companies from the EU and the region, local commercial banks, leading manufacturers of EE and RES equipment and materials, local industrial companies, as well as the presidents of more than 50 municipalities from Serbia.

The previous experiences of organizing Business Conferences dedicated to the improvement of energy efficiency in Serbia, held in the past three years, confirm the high standard and quality that provide the participants with a range of opportunities to expand professional and practical knowledge and improve their business through specific business arrangements.