Tulip Inn Putnik Belgrade & Online
"Environment - World Capital 2021"
29th & 30th June, Tulip Inn Putnik Belgrade & Online

The year behind us has brought changes, crisis, stagnation, challenge, surprise, helplessness, resourcefulness, action... Different professional and personal experiences and reactions, but also the realization that our behaviors and (ir)responsibilities in one part of the world are consequently recognized in another. Aware and unaware that we are globally connected and interdependent, as well as that we have a common capital called "Environment". She, always ready for a healthy (co)life is more and more out of balance. We, missed and allowed the imbalance, but also more and more determined to stand on the other side professionally and personally with all our strength and create, correct and invest in a sustainable future.

Welcome to ECOnference "Environment - World Capital 2021", which will be held on 29th and 30th June at Tulip Inn Putnik Belgrade& Online.

Improving the environmental protection and the sustainable development observed through the potential of natural resources and various economic areas (energy, environmental capital and security, agriculture, tourism, transport, construction, industry ...) will be the focus of a two-day conference attended by over 40 eminent speakers.
The dynamic and interactive program will feature the most current topics, new information, plans and strategies, the best examples from practice, insight into the possibilities and profitability of new investments, as well as interesting discussions and promotions that will certainly trigger new creative challenges.
And, all in the aim of supporting and encouraging the green transition and improvement of the quality of life as the greatest challenges of today. A process in which everyone has a crucial word, the legislators, the professionals, the economy as well as each individual.

And, that is why we will all ask and answer these questions together: How rich are we, and how ecologically (un) aware? Living in ecological debt, how favorable are the "loans" of the environment? Do we manage the environment sustainably? What have we learned, realized, do we see better at close range or at a distance through "covid"? Water, the most precious resource, a 'blue gold' - what do we do? Forests, guardians of the natural balance, but who guards the forests? RES save, but they also cost. How ready are the financial institutions for "green financing"? Sun, Wind or Water? Which resource is the best choice? "Road map for the circular economy", who is at the “start” and who is already running? Recycling in theory is ok, how much is there in practice? Urban mobility, what have we done and what we have to do?
Is green building, a stable road to a smart city?

ECOnference "Environment - World Capital 2021", for panelists and participants will be held in two parallel formats - live and online as well as available in real time on several platforms, bringing together representatives of major national and international institutions, companies, financial institutions, academic community, local governments, professional associations... from Serbia and the countries of the Region.

It has been said many times, but the naked truth is: "If you really think that the environment is less important than the economy, try holding your breath while counting the money you earn”. See you on June 29th and 30th.

The conference is held with respect and strict adherence to and implementation of all anti-epidemic measures prescribed by the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Serbia on measures for the prevention and control of infectious diseases COVID-19.