Business Conference about Financing Energy Efficiency Projects in Serbia
About the Conference
Business Conference about Financing Energy Efficiency Projects in Serbia
Belgrade, Sava Centre – 10th December 2013.

Conceived as one of the key business events of the year, the Business Conference about Financing Energy Efficiency Projects in Serbia – BEES 2013 represents a unique opportunity for finding the optimal business solutions modelled to the countries with developed sense towards energy efficiency.

By assembling the potential participants in the implementation of EE projects and presenting the sustainable models of financing EE through B2B workshops between institutions, agencies, producers of EE systems, materials and equipment / contractors and local governments, BEES 2013 provides the environment for definite agreements or contracts regarding further realisation of EE projects.

The aim of BEES 2013 is to present to the local governments the sustainable models to realise the projects in the domain of energy efficiency by directly linking them with financial institutions as well as companies offering the most optimal commercial solutions on the market.

The Conference is intended for potential partners:
  • Municipalities and Cities interested in energy efficiency and renewable energy projects,
  • International and domestic financial institutions experienced in financing EE and RE projects,
  • Producers of the latest technology materials, equipments and systems in the domain of EE,
  • Contractors experienced in the domain of EE and RE within models of EnSC and PPP,
  • Contractors with integrated solutions for increasing energy efficiency and decreasing energy consumption (ESCO, EnSC, PPP),
  • Organisations for international cooperation and technical support experienced in preparations and monitoring EE and RE programs/projects.
The emphasis of the Conference will be on specific opportunities for projects such as energy rehabilitation of buildings and related technical systems in the public sector, including public lighting aiming to present currently available financial models on Serbian market, specific conditions for application and contracting as well as presentation of available resources of companies dealing in construction, mechanical and electrical works as potential contractors, engineers and consultants for execution of project documentation, and producers/suppliers of energy efficient materials, equipment and systems with long-term experience.

At BEES 2013 over 500 participants are expected for we have secured the participation of representatives from renown financial institutions (World Bank, EBRD, EIB, KfW), international organisations for technical support and cooperation (GIZ, IWO, JICA, USAIDE, UNDP, ASE), domestic commercial banks, leading manufacturers of materials and equipment, contractors with experience in EE and RE projects as well as ESCO companies from EU and the Region interested in doing business regarding EE and RE in Republic of Serbia.

Also on this occasion, the Ministry of Energy, Development and Environmental Protection will be presenting the Program of Energy Efficiency Budget Funding whose implementation is announced for January 2014.

You are invited to take part at BEES 2013, a corporate event with specific business orientation that provides a sequence of opportunities and benefits in finding suitable partners in the process of implementation and realization of EE and RE projects.