5th Business Conference SEET 2015
“How to increase competitiveness and income from tourism in South East Europe”
5th Business Conference SEET 2015
“How to increase competitiveness and income from tourism in South East Europe”
30th September 2015 - Sava Congress Centre, Belgrade

5th Business Conference SEET 2015 “How to increase competitiveness and income from tourism in South East Europe” will be held under the auspices of Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications of Republic of Serbia in Sava Congress Centre in Belgrade on 30th September 2015.

5th Business Conference “SEET 2015” is taking place with the aim of improving the competitiveness and increasing the income from tourism in South East Europe, strengthening regional cooperation, growth in tourists’ turnover between the countries within the region, as well as attracting tourists from other distant emissive markets.

The SEE countries have the potential to offer the market a competitive product with an authentic experience based on the local identity of the tourist destination. By identifying and utilizing the comparative advantages, the Region can be positioned as a unique integral tourist destination, and that means a more intensive cooperation of tourist economies from regional countries, enhanced networking of all industry stakeholders, as well as creating of multi-sectored partnerships.

5th Business Conference “SEET 2015” will provide the environment for all relevant industry stakeholders to employ their knowledge, experience and resources in order to efficiently articulate their mutual interests. Designed as a synergy of three coordinated segments, a range of multidisciplinary activities will provided with the intention of identifying the optimal business models:

I. Plenary Part - Congress Hall 1/0
Prominent speakers, by presenting best practices, will share their experiences on:
  • The impact of tourism on the development of national economies and the export expansion strategies
  • The necessity of systemic support for the development of sustainable tourism
  • Opportunities for development of new joint tourism programs and the instigation of new tourist projects

Subsequent to the Plenary Part, SEET2015 will provide the participants a new, additional opportunity for direct dialogue:

II. B2B meetings - “Japanese Salon”- Gallery Sava Centre
Over 150 pre-agreed B2B meetings of potential partners will be organized with the purpose:
  • to provide more exposure to their target group
  • to direct the participants in finding optimal business models for quality and lasting business connections
  • to secure stimulating environment for specific agreements between the interested partners

III. Round Table - Hall 3/1, 4/1
In order to establish a more intense and efficient business interaction as well as encouragement for specific initiatives, Thematic Round Table will provide the participants with the opportunity:
  • To express individual initiatives and presentations in front of more direct target groups
  • For a constructive discussion focused on specific topics

5th Business Conference “SEET 2015” is expected to host over 400 participants amongst whom will be high representatives of relevant organizations and industry associations, as well as tour operators from EU, Russia, China, USA, India, Turkey... leading experts for sustainable development and business in tourist industry, decision makers from leading companies in tourism, air and road transport, travel agencies,... representatives of state and local governments, industry associations, educational and public institutions, as well as representatives of financial institutions and leading regional media.

By proposing measures to improve business conditions in accordance with the priorities of economy, business and profession, the participants of SEET2015 will employ their knowledge and practical experience to encourage new initiatives and business opportunities, set guidelines for improving market through networking and coordination of individual and mutual interests.