2nd Business Conference
“Transport & Logistics of South East Europe and Danube Region – TIL 2015”
2nd Business Conference
“Transport & Logistics of South East Europe and Danube Region – TIL 2015”
26th March 2015. Sava Centre, Belgrade

2nd Business Conference “Transport & Logistics of South East Europe and Danube Region – TIL 2015” that will take place under the auspices of Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, Republic of Serbia in Sava Centre, Belgrade on the 26th March 2015.

Drawing on the results and the initiatives instigated at the previous conference TIL2014, the second, whole day, Business Conference “TIL 2015”, in the presence and participation of all relevant industry and market factors, will provide the environment for continuance of the commenced dialogues, the exchange of ideas, knowledge and experiences in order to find the optimal business solutions for the sustainable development of transport and logistics infrastructure as a key factors in economic prosperity of South East Europe and the Danube region.

Presentations will be available of the projects and initiatives, complied with EU strategy, for further development and advancement of intermodal systems, logistics centres, environmental protection and traffic safety; also a special accent will be on the models of Public-Private-Partnerships in transportation and logistics infrastructure, harmonization of legislation and customs regulations, the activities of professional associations and local governments in improving the network of logistics and distribution centres, free zones, ...

2nd Business Conference TIL 2015 is arranged in 3 /three/ coordinated segments:

I. Plenary Part - Congress Hall 1/0
Within the Plenary Part of TIL 2015 the participants will have the opportunity to receive
  • The latest information on current development plans for transport and logistics infrastructure
  • Constructive suggestions for further improvement of regional transport networks, intermodal systems, logistic centres from which the Region as a whole will derive long-term economic benefits.
Subsequent to the Plenary Part focused on the common interests of the Region, TIL 2015 will provide the participants a new, additional opportunity for direct dialogue:

II. Round Table - Hall 3/1, 4/1
In order to establish a more intensified and efficient business interaction, the Thematic Roundtable will provide the participants with the opportunity for
  • Individual presentations and initiatives in front of more direct target groups
  • Constructive discussion focused on specific topics

III. B2B Meetings - Hall “Japanese salon”
In a designated separate area B2B Meetings will be organized with the intent to provide the TIL 2015 participants
  • Greater exposure to their target groups
  • Stimulating environment for concrete agreements between potential partners

Over 400 participants are expected including: senior representatives of relevant government institutions and professional associations in South-Eastern Europe and the Danube region, EU, Turkey, Russia, China ... international experts in the field of sustainable development and operations in freight forwarding, transportation and logistics, decision makers from leading companies in the field of freight forwarding, logistics and road, rail, air and water transport, representatives of financial institutions and associations, insurance companies, media representatives ...

With the practical know-how and market experience the TIL 2015 participants will promote new initiatives and business opportunities, activate fresh ways for market improvement through joint network, harmonisation of individual and mutual interests, by suggesting ways for improvement of business environment in accordance with prioritized interests of the of economy, business and profession.