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Mass Media has dedicated the last twenty nine years of work to innovative and affirmative approach to the creation and organization of business events on the SEE market. By organizing a sequence of business and professional events and conferences provided and presented to the market useful and unique information and knowledge obtained from renowned experts, to the professional as well as to the general public raised awareness to successful managers, companies and institutions, through presenting best practices encouraged the creation and nurture of affirmative partnership environment.

All our projects, entirely oriented towards the creation of new business opportunities, have become recognizable within Serbian business community as well as in the Regional countries based on the actualized benefits:
  • A large number of possibilities for direct networking of potential partners
  • Hundreds of organized B2B meetings, signed agreements on cooperation...
  • A large number of participants /on average approx. 500/, mostly decision makers from relevant companies, state institutions, local governments, as well as the most recognized world experts
  • Exceptional media attention, confirmed by the presence and monitoring of all major media in the SEE region
  • Public recognition and awarding the best: Brand Leader Award and Regional Award “Business Partner”

Business conferences and events, organized by us, customarily assemble over 400 participants, members of a broad-spectrum business community, including directors of companies with large annual turnover, owners and directors of small and medium-sized enterprises as well as representatives of relevant institutions and organizations, business associations, chairmen of local governments as well as all relevant media.

Previously organized Business Conferences:

7th Business Conference
“Transport & Logistics of South East Europe and Danube Region - TIL 2020”
6th October 2020., Kombank Dvorana, Belgrade

6th Business Conference
Transport & Logistics of South East Europe and Danube Region „TIL 2019 “We Deliver Value COSCO SHIPPING”
27th March 2019, Sava Congress Centre, Belgrade

Business Conference SEET2018 “South East Europe Tourism”
3rd October 2018., Belgrade, Sava Congress Center

5th Business Conference
TIL 2018 “Transport & Logistics of South East Europe and Danube Region”
22nd March 2018., Belgrade, Sava Congress Center

4th Business Conference TIL 2017
“Transport & Logistics of South East Europe and Danube Region”
5th April 2017., Sava Centre, Belgrade

7th Business Conference SEET 2017
“South East Europe Tourism“
 4th October 2017., Sava Centre, Belgrade

4th Business Conference BEES 2016
"How to Attract New Investments in Energy Sector - Projections up to 2020"
15th December 2016, Sava Centre, Belgrade

6th Business Conference
“South East Europe Tourism“
28th September 2016, Sava Centre, Belgrade

Business Conference “Transport & Logistics of South East Europe and Danube Region”
14th April 2016., Belgrade, Sava Congress Center

Business Conference BEES 2015 “Development of Energy Efficiency Market through New Models of Financing”
15th December 2015., Belgrade, Sava Congress Center

Business Conference SEET 2015 “How to increase competitiveness and income from tourism in South East Europe”
30th September 2015., Belgrade, Sava Congress Center

Business Conference TIL 2015 “Transport & Logistics of South East Europe and Danube Region”
26th March 2015.- Belgrade, Sava Congress Center

Business Conference BEES 2014 “Financing Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Sources Projects through Public-Private-Partnership Model”
20th November 2014. , Belgrade, Sava Congress Center

Business Conference SEET 2014 “Sustainable Development and Competitiveness of Tourism in SEE”
14th May 2014., Belgrade, Sava Congress Center

Business Conference TIL 2014 „Transport & Logistics of South East Europe and Danube Region“
10th April 2014., Belgrade, Sava Congress Center

Regional Conference „South East Europe Tourist Market – New Development Opportunities“
15th May 2013., Belgrade, Sava Congress Center

Regional Conference about safe and profitable investing in energy

20th March 2013., Belgrade, Sava Congress Center

Regional Agribusiness Conference ”Natural, Market and Investment Brand of South East Europe”
6th March 2013., Belgrade, Sava Congress Center

International Conference “Tourism, Progressive Brand of SEE Region”
29th May 2012. - Belgrade, Sava Congress Center

International Conference “Branding Regions and Cities - Foreign Investments, Export Growth and Tourism Development”
10th June 2011. - Belgrade, Sava Congress Center

In an effort to attract public attention to positive contribution of companies that nurture good business customs, respect business ethics, value their partners, clients and consumers we have established Regional Award Business Partner that has been presented for 22 years to the best companies, institutions and media from the 11 regional countries. Through the years the laureates of Business Partner Award were the leading companies from the region, the best managers, the most important educational institutions as well as major media houses. BUSINESS PARTNER means confirmation of business accomplishment and regional recognition, to the laureates - a special honour since the companies nominate and elect their own business partners for whom they believe satisfy the set 10 /ten/ election criteria. All-inclusive, systematic and analytical method of electing the laureates, from nominations to final decision, engaging a large number of companies and institutions, media, business organizations and associations, encourages new partnerships and establishes better business environment in the Region, improves business and investment ambiance and encourages quicker economic bonding and prosperity.

By abiding to new market trends and necessities, we have intensely worked for several years on education dedicated to strengthening the awareness of the significance and technologies of development and positioning the brand product and service as well as national brand. That was the aim of establishing and continuously for six years organized the largest branding event in SEE region, Brand Fair. We were the first to introduce multimedia presentations, conferences and workshops under the domes of Belgrade’s fairground.

At these professional conferences, dedicated to branding, the knowledge and experiences were conveyed by globally renowned experts: Marc Gobe (USA), Martin Lindstrom (EU), Simon Anholt (England), Kevin L. Keller (USA), Joerg Spreitzer (Austria), Charlie Crowe (England), Jose Filipe Torres (Spain), Scott Bebury (USA)…
To the business community we have been presented as publishers of editions on branding technologies translated to Serbian language: “Emotional Branding” Marc Gobe, “Brand Sense” Martin Lindstrom, “Best Practices in Branding” Kevin L. Keller, “New Brand World” Scott Bedbury…

Our goal is to continue with organizing a sequence of business and professional conferences and events to obtain and convey to the SEE market the constructive and exclusive information and knowledge, to attract the attention of business community and general public to the best practices and encourage the creation of affirmative partnership environment.