4th Business Conference
“Sustainable Development and Competitiveness of Tourism in South East Europe - SEET 2014”
About the Conference
4th Business Conference:
“Sustainable Development and Competitiveness of Tourism in South East Europe - SEET 2014”
14th May 2014. Sava Centre, Beograd, Serbia

The industry of tourism in South East Europe by closer inter market cooperation and merging has the potential and the advantage of creating the additional value of its tourist product in order to increase regional tourist turnover and position the Region as highly attractive and competitive receptive destination on the global market.

The aim of SEET 2014 is to identify the tourist chain of value in SEE, to congregate and link all relevant industry representatives and give encouragement and support to the creation of contemporary market strategies for tourist product placement towards regional as well as global market.

Guided by contemporary global trends, SEET 2014, trough whole day complex program, offers a sequence of concrete information, useful `best practices` presentations, endorses different forms of communication and the exchange of ideas and opinions. It encourages all participants to find optimal business models for the improvement in inter market cooperation, as well as create joined tourist offer. Through B2B meetings, it secures stimulating environment for concrete agreements within potential partners whose mutual goal is better and faster marketing of their own tourist product.

Business Conference SEET 2014 will be the host for over 400 participants amongst whom will be:
  • High representatives of relevant organisations and industry associations, as well as tour operators from EU, Russia, China, USA, India, Turkey...
  • Leading global experts for sustainable development and business in tourist industry
  • Decision makers from leading companies in tourism, air and road transport, travel agencies
  • Representatives of state and local governments, industry associations, educational and public institutions
  • Representatives of financial institutions
  • Leading regional media

Looking at the potential of tourism as profitable export industry, the participants of SEET 2014 with their experience, knowledge and constructive suggestions will significantly contribute for `Quick Win Products` to be swiftly marketed and commercialized on regional and global market, and the `long run` products with long-term Regional development, attract new investments.

Identifying the potential, the effective and efficient destination management, comparative advantages and power of collaboration, building strong online market presence and advancing the information systems as well as management of consumers’ experience, today is not only important, it has become essential for competitive and sustainable growth of tourist industry.

What do tourists expect from the future tourist product? Moving the boundaries of the unknown!
Exploit all the benefits and opportunities of SEET 2014, participate in the creation of new tourist product, move the boundaries of the unknown, be part of the diverse tourist offer of the attractive, authentic and undiscovered tourist destination – South East Europe.