8th Business Conference SEET 2018
South East Europe Tourism
About the Conference
8th Business Conference “South East Europe Tourism - SEET2018” will take place under the auspices of Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications of Republic of Serbia in Sava Centre - Belgrade on 3rd October 2018.

The 8th Business Conference SEET 2018 will focus on indentifying new opportunities for increase in revenues from SEE tourism market, new forms of collaboration for positioning the Region as integral tourism market with special emphasis on promoting priority tourist destinations, strengthening the identity of Regional tourist routes, attracting tourists from distant emissive markets as well as stimulating inbound tourism.

The potential to increase revenues of the tourism industry in the region, through sustainable development and competitiveness, is reflected in the improvement of tourism infrastructure, strengthening the tourism facilities, highlighting the hospitality of the local population, encouraging the awareness of the need to preserve indigenous values ​​with optimum valorization of natural, cultural and historical heritage, environmental protection and systemic improvement of the range and quality of the overall tourist offer of the region as a whole.

Composed as a synergy of several parallel segments (Plenary part, B2B meetings, Round Table, Expo,…), SEET 2018 focuses of participant’s business interests. Aiming for improvement in relations and more efficient cooperation, the participants are provided with a number of opportunities to expand their technical and practical knowledge, to exchange ideas, to follow the presentation of best practices as well as optimal conditions for their knowledge, experiences and resources to be applied in more effective articulation of mutual interest for creation of new market strategies.

The 8th Business Conference “SEET 2018” will customarily assemble over 400 delegates from EU, Russia, China, UAE, Turkey, SEE countries,… amongst whom are high-level representatives of relevant international organizations and business associations, experts in the field of sustainable business development in tourism industry, state and local governments officials, educational and public institutions as well as the decision makers from leading companies in the field of tourism and related industries,... 

Domestic and international tourism industry, the professional community as well as media have recognized and accepted SEET as an exceptional business event of high standards and excellent organization that connects all relevant representatives of the tourism industry, encouraging the creation of modern marketing strategy for positioning the Region as a premium, distinctive and desirable tourist destination, which should ensure long-term profitability and sustainable competitiveness.
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