Business Conference
Transport & Logistics of South East Europe and Danube Region
TIL 2014
About the Conference
Business Conference
„Transport & Logistics of South East Europe and Danube Region – TIL 2014”
10th April 2014. Sava Centre, Belgrade, Serbia

Transport represents the most important anchor of every economy’s development. Economical and social progress means a well developed transport system, which demands constant and swift improvement, modernisation of infrastructure, transport technologies and connectivity of regional countries.

All South East Europe countries have the strategic interest to realise mutual goal through closer cooperation to globally position highly developed, efficient, safe, ecologically acceptable and modern transport and logistics system with fully integrated international standards. By involving all relevant representatives from transport, logistics and trade with SEE and EU relevant institutions, and by mutually finding the solutions for the problems, elevates the level of services in the creation of contemporary market needs and strategies for the placement on regional and global market.

The aim of Business Conference „Transport & Logistics of South East Europe and Danube Region – TIL 2014“ is to:
  • Recognise available potentials, identify problems and suggest solutions
  • By finding optimal business solutions advance permanent connectivity in mutual business missions in order to realise benefits and apply savings in SEE transport and logistics
  • Encourage market initiatives and strategies in attracting new direct investments
  • Through B2B meetings secure its participants higher exposure to their target groups and secure stimulating environment for concrete agreements between potential partners

The basic strategic goal of transport and logistics industry in SEE region is the increase of industry’s competitiveness and market development, which means harmonizing the legislation on regional level, new forms and shapes of business, encouragement and support to the growth, upgrading new types of financial services, investment into research, development and new technologies,... Aiming to find optimal solutions for these and other questions, the whole day Business Conference „Transport & Logistics of South East Europe and Danube Region – TIL 2014“ will assemble over 400 participants amongst whom will be all relevant market contestants:
  • High representatives from relevant organizations and industry associations from SEE, EU, Turkey...
  • Representatives from relevant government institutions – ministries of transport, customs, border polices
  • Leading global experts in sustainable development and business in freight transport and logistics
  • Decision makers of leading companies in freight transport and logistics in SEE road, rail, air and water transport
  • Representatives of financial institution and associations and leading insurance companies
  • Media representatives

With the practical know-how and market experience the participants will encourage new proposals and business opportunities, activate new ways for market improvement through joint network, harmonisation of individual and mutual interests, and suggest measures for improvement of business conditions in accord with prioritized interests of the economy, entrepreneurs and industry.

The transport-logistics partnership through mutually integrated IT management, development and fusion of the capacities of intermodal transport and logistics of Serbia, SEE and EU is a secure way to savings, high quality service and rapid movement of goods in the precisely defined time frame to the final consumer – Just on Time.

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