7th Business Conference
“Transport & Logistics of South East Europe and Danube Region - TIL 2020”

7th Business Conference “Transport & Logistics of South East Europe and Danube Region - TIL 2020”
Kombank Dvorana, Belgrade
Tuesday, 6th October 2020

The year in which we are witnessing new market (un)opportunities, a new situation, a new way of doing business has set new priorities. The speed of change and decision making, for the best, is just another big business challenge.

As the market will function, in these conditions in particular, and as the best it can. Business contacts are necessary for they always generate new ideas, professional encouragement and solutions, and to that end the 7th Business Conference TIL2020 was an opportunity for reunions, direct communication, exchange of experiences and business meetings, and above all for the most realistic cross-section of further plans and solutions.

But also for answers to many questions: How did you manage? How did you do business, were you ready to manage a new situation, with existing or new management tools? How much did the Corona cost, and what, after all, can be defined as expansion? How much has the market changed? What are your plans and solutions? How do you see next year…?

As TIL is and international conference and defined by the professional and business community as a gathering place for the best, an opportunity for the foundations of future cooperation and a source of current information, this year more deffinitive answers and clearer ideas were given by eminent speakers and market leaders.

They talked about strategic imperatives in the development of regional multimodal transport infrastructure, progression of intermodal transport chains, optimal flow and transport safety and, the inevitable topic of 2020., COVID-19: time of problems, solutions and new business challenges.

The time behind us was a time of business challenges and a great new experience.
However, it has its advantages, as Harold Geenen said: "In business, everyone is paid with two coins: cash and experience. My advice is to take the experience, because the cash comes later on its own. "

The Conference is held in compliance with a limited number of persons, strict adherence to and implementation of all anti-epidemic measures prescribed by the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Serbia on measures to prevent and combat infectious diseases COVID-19.
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