Regional Conference
Natural, Market and Investment Brand of South East Europe
About the Conference
9th Regional Conference
Agribusiness: Natural, Market and Investment Brand of South East Europe
Belgrade, Sava Center
6th March 2013.

Agribusiness, a synergy of different sectors in the production, distribution and retail of food industry products, represents a strategic base of economy of every country. Regional countries have a large potential for agribusiness expansion and a chance to secure sustainable and competitive position on the global market. To develop their industrial base and strengthen a long-term microeconomic stability, these countries need to intensify inter-market cooperation with the intention to secure fresh investment influx.
The need for investments is vast in all sectors, throughout the market chain and at all production groups. Agribusiness in the Region is eager for investments in equipment and knowledge that would contribute to the stabilization of local and increase competitiveness on global markets.

Organic agriculture is in daily expansion with a great demand and significant deficit in organic products in developed countries. The industrialized countries have no more resources for organic production. This presents the less developed countries where the agro-ecosystem has been preserved the opportunity to expand their production and export. These opportunities have all Regional countries that have been confirmed by strategies and long-term plans of government and resource ministries.

The aim of 9th Regional Conference `AGRIBUSINESS: Natural, Market and Investment Brand of SEE` is impartial evaluation of market opportunities and prospects for unexploited potentials in the Region. By presenting experiences and knowledge of best examples to create new business opportunities, encourage operational activities in mobilization of natural resources into food production, new investments and regional affiliation as well as elevating the level of competitiveness on global market.

The Conference’s participants will be top level representatives from EU institutions, Russia, Turkey, and China, Balkan countries ministers and state secretaries, presidents of Chambers of Commerce, decision makers from leading companies from various sectors of agribusiness and finance as well as the most influential regional media.

Within the key topics regarding the future of agribusiness in the Region, they will provide support and share experiences by contributing suggestions and guidelines for realistic prospect and further development of agribusiness sector, encourage new business opportunities that would steer investments into greatly needed and attractive projects.

  • Goals and adjustments for CAP in 2014-2020
  • The expectations of SEE countries as potential EU candidates
  • Models of financing in agribusiness development
  • Natural, Market and investment potentials for agribusiness development in Region
  • The role of global and regional companies in advancing competitiveness of agribusiness in Region
  • The impact of global companies on agribusiness competitiveness
  • FMCG & Retail – Trends, production innovations, possible ways of development
  • Organic food production – “My health is my brand”

We are inviting you to join us at 9th Regional Business Conference “AGRIBUSINESS: Natural, Market and Investment Brand of South East Europe countries” with the intention to generate concrete conclusions and to encourage operational activities in natural resources in production and distribution of food, new investments and regional cooperation.